O-1A Visa Lawyer Services

Individuals with Extraordinary Ability in the Sciences, Education, Business, or Athletics

If you have risen to the top of your field in business, science, education, or athletics, you may be eligible for an O-1A Visa.

Path Law Group has a decade of experience securing O-1A visas for CEOs, researchers, professors, and athletes. If you believe that you are among the top of your field, we will review your work and walk you through the requirements of the visa and together we can decide if the O-1A is the right fit.

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The Basics of The O-1A Visa

The O-1A is an temporary work visa for those in the arenas of business, science, education, and athletics who have risen to the tops of their fields. Satisfying the O-1A requirements may be as simple as showing evidence of a major, international prize or as complex as providing a wide array of evidence spanning an entire career. Thankfully, USCIS has set out clear guidelines for how to qualify for O-1A status and a qualified attorney should have no problems determining your eligibility.

For more information please see our complete O-1A visa guide.

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The Processing Time for The O-1A Visa

Standard wait times for O-1A visas vary throughout the year – sometimes as little as two weeks. There are some points during the year where wait times are longer, in which case Premium Processing ($1,440) is still an option.

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Other Considerations You Should Think About


  • May allow applicant to work for multiple employers
  • Can be renewed indefinitely with no maximum term
  • Quick processing even without premium processing


  • Requires a high level of achievement 
  • Requires at least one job offer