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Navigating the U.S. non-immigrant visa process can be overwhelming. Fortunately, our attorneys know the ins and outs of permits like the L-1A visa and can help you navigate the complexities so you can bring the brightest minds to your company in the United States without hassle.

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The Basics

What Is An L-1A Visa?

An L-1A visa is a non-immigrant visa available to international companies needing to bring qualified foreign employees to the United States. Path Law Group works closely with employees to secure L-1 petitions for establishing new U.S. offices and transfer managers, executives, and employees with specialized knowledge.


L-1A Visa Types 

International companies seeking this visa should consult with an attorney to understand the L-1A visa requirements, benefits, and basic information. We can help you apply for L-1A visas for your employees whether on an intracompany transfer or new business situation. 

The L-1A Intracompany Transferee Executive or Manager visa requirements are as follows:

For workers:

  • Foreign workers must work abroad for the sponsoring company for a minimum of 1 continuous year within the previous 3 before admission into the United States. 
  • Foreign workers must be seeking to enter the United States to provide services in an executive or managerial capacity.

For companies:

  • Currently be — or will be — doing business as an employer in the United States
  • The two entities — U.S. and abroad — must be related in one of the following ways:
    • Parent and subsidiary 
    • Branch and headquarters
    • Sister companies owned by a mutual parent
    • Affiliates owned by the same or people in approximately the same percentages.


L-1A Visa For New Businesses

At Path Law Group, we can help you file for a new office L-1A visa so you can expand your business. 

The L-1A visa category facilitates the establishment of new offices for foreign companies in the United States. A manager, executive, or employee possessing “specialized knowledge” can initiate the opening of a new office on behalf of the overseas company. 

To fulfill the general requirements for an L-1 New Office, USCIS mandates evidence of procuring physical space for the new U.S. office to conduct business. 

Acceptable forms of evidence include:

  • A signed lease agreement
  • Mortgages
  • Proof of real estate purchase
  • A comprehensive business plan, marketing materials, or other documentation connecting the business with the required space.

Reach out to an L-1A visa attorney today at Path Law Group to start your L-1A visa filings.

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Quick Processing

We understand waiting periods for decisions are one of the biggest challenges many petitioners face when seeking transfer into the United States.

Employers can pay the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) premium processing fee for a guaranteed answer within 15 calendar days. We can help guide you through the petition process if you need to transfer your employee(s) sooner rather than later.

Typical decisions foregoing premium processing can expect a decision from Immigration Services in 60 days or more.

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Other Considerations For The L-1A Visa

There are many benefits — and some challenges — that come with obtaining an L-1A visa. A Path Law Group attorney is well-versed in the following and can help answer questions in more detail should you be seeking to sponsor a foreign worker.



Like with most non-immigrant and immigrant visas, some challenges require the help of an experienced attorney. When filing for an L-1A visa, challenges you may encounter include:

  • L-1A visas can bring high scrutiny for managers. The USCIS routinely requests additional evidence if the employee being transferred is in a managerial position. 
  • Small and new companies may face more difficulty in obtaining an L-1A visa than established entities. 
  • While on an L-1A visa, an employee cannot switch employers unless the new employer is willing and able to sponsor a separate L-1 petition. 
  • An L-1 visa is temporary and subject to a maximum duration of 7 years for an L-1A visa and 5 years for an L-1B visa. 
  • Only multinational companies qualify for L-1 visas. 

Path Law Group has experience navigating these situations and can help throughout the process of obtaining a visa.


Permanent Residency Pathway For An L-1A Visa 

In some cases, L-1A visa recipients may be able to convert their visa to lawful permanent residence status under the EB-1 category

L status beneficiaries have the option to submit a petition for permanent residency status without compromising their current L status or the processing of their L-1 visa applications at a U.S. Consular Office overseas.

If you are interested in converting your L-1A visa to permanent status in the future, we can look at your case and the requirements to get the process started.

Family Of L-1A Beneficiaries

Transferring to the United States for work can mean leaving family behind. An employee transferring under an L-1A visa is eligible to be accompanied by his or her spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21.

In addition, an L-2 dependent spouse is free to apply for work authorization, allowing them to work legally within the United States.

Trust the professionals at Path Law Group to ensure you and your eligible family members can transfer to the United States with ease upon approval for an L-1A visa.


What Qualifies As A New Business?

Are you looking to file an L-1A visa to establish a new business?

A new office is defined as an organization conducting business in the U.S. through a parent, branch, affiliate, or subsidiary for less than one year.

Opening a new office allows a foreign employer to transfer an employee to a U.S. company with a qualifying relationship to the foreign entity and a business history of less than one year. The initial grant for an L-1A visa for a new office is limited to one year. 

Subsequently, the U.S. company must demonstrate its ability to support a managerial or executive position to qualify for a visa extension.

More Than Just L-1A Visa Attorneys

Navigate the intricacies of the L-1A visa process with precision by choosing Path Law Group. Founded by immigrants, our firm empathizes with the legal and emotional challenges of U.S. immigration and holds over two decades of collective experience.

We offer personalized legal visa solutions for businesses, investors, and professionals, ensuring a collaborative and tailored approach to each client’s unique needs.