Lauren McCalmont


Textile Design


8 Weeks






Lauren approached PLG in 2015 to secure an O-1B visa based on her extraordinary ability as a textile designer. It was obvious from the start that she was exceptionally qualified, so the primary challenge we faced was how to best organize and present the vast evidence that was available. We broke the process down in the following phases:

Phase One

Understanding the Field: 

Our first step with Lauren, as with all of our clients, was to delve into her craft in order to better understand her work. As is often the case with exceptional people, Lauren was very humble and it was only after a long series of questions that we learned how extraordinary she was. We learned about the crucial role of a textile designer and we looked over her portfolio of incredible work with some of fashion’s most notable brands. At this point we had a good understanding of how to proceed.

Phase Two

Case Preparation:

Our next step was to prepare a detailed checklist and timeline for each phase of the case, as well as to supply Lauren with several sample letters. We often find that the most time-consuming aspect of an O-1 case is gathering support letters and deal memos. Over time we have learned that it is best for the client if we provide samples for review. Additionally, if the letter is coming from a well-known individual, we will also supply any additional research that we are able to access. These approaches result in less work for the client, a more streamlined process and produce higher quality letters. In Lauren’s case we reviewed all of her letters and collaborated on edits.

We submitted the O-1B petition to the California Service Center and received an approval two weeks later. Lauren is currently based in L.A. and a sample of her designs are displayed below: