Ellie Najfabadi: Nationally Renowned Immigration Attorney

Meet Ellie Najfabadi, Of Counsel

““In my 20+ years of practice I have learned that success in immigration law depends primarily on sincerely caring about your clients.””

Ms. Najfabadi has over 23 years of experience in the field of employment-based immigration. She is considered to be one of the Nation’s leading experts in Physician-based immigration matters, having represented some of the largest Hospitalist providers in the country. Ms. Najfabadi has also represented several Fortune 500 companies, investors, outstanding researchers and international medical graduates.

She has extensive experience with J-1 Waivers through the Conrad 30 program and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. She has been instrumental in helping to formulate several state policy protocols aimed at improving the quality of the Conrad program and has successfully guided hundreds of J-1 physicians through the highly complex J-1 Waiver process. Ms. Najfabadi is known to be a hands-on advocate, working closely with employers to ensure successful petitions and long-term compliance with State Departments of Health, U.S. Department of State and USCIS policies.

Ms. Najfabadi is also among the foremost experts in H-1B cap-exemption matters. She has successfully secured cap-exempt status for Healthcare programs nationwide, allowing them to place otherwise ineligible physicians at sites around the country. In addition, she has over two decades of experience handling complex PERM cases for IT workers, physicians and executives. Ms. Najfabadi works closely with Human Resources departments to ensure compliance with complex Department of Labor and USCIS guidelines.

In addition to her ceaseless advocacy, Ms. Najfabadi has also authored several publications highlighting the intricacies of the J-1 Waiver process and H-1B Cap-Exemption issues. She is a regular speaker at both legal and healthcare industry events.

E: ellie@pathlawgroup.com